Difference between a DJ and DVJ?

Please keep in mind that a DVJ still a DJ the only major difference is that the music selection will also be mixed via Video which will normally be displayed on large TVs or Projector Screen(s)

What sets VDJ Cubishe apart from others?

More than 13 years  of experience performing at more thousands of events than any other company in the DMV & Florida  this, we feel, uniquely positions us as the leader in the region.

Who is your disc jockey?

Our DJ is a performer who has an enormous amount of entertainment experiences. Highly esteemed by his peers in the music mixing field.keep in mind that we don’t only perform as a VDJ but also as a singer, producer and performer in many stages and situations.

I’m going to need a lot of guidance. Can you help?

One of the most important services we offer, which is part of every entertainment package, is the assistance of our event coordination. We’ll help you carefully plan every detail. And if you’re looking for interesting ideas to make your reception particularly unique, we’ve got plenty of ideas to suggest. 

How will the DJ handle the emcee responsibilities? How will the DJ interact with my guests?

Its Your call. Your VDJ is an eloquent emcee and will host your entire reception, unless you request otherwise. We’ll be as involved or uninvolved as you’d like us to be. Your VDJ is a versatile performer who has the ability to be outgoing and entertaining when it’s requested, but can also be reserved and low-key if that’s your preferred style. What we’ll never do is be overbearing or embarrassing hams on the microphone. The focus of attention will always remain on you and your guests, the stars of the day.

How far in advance should I reserve my date?

We generally begin booking dates anywhere from one to two years in advance. Since we can only perform at a limited amount of receptions per year, we strongly recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to check on the availability status of your date. By the same token, if for some reason you find yourself in a situation where you need a VDJ last-minute, please call us. Is very rare but every now and then u find a client that needs to postpone or replace the date of their event which results in the possibility that a day can free up and you might be able to take it. We’ll make every possible effort to help you.

Can you provide music for the ceremony?

Yes, we often perform in the ceremonies — this is one of the reasons why we have a special sound systems that is perfect for this task.we carry more than one system specially for this type of situations where you might have the ceremony outside and the reception inside for which you will need a VDJ with the Transition experience.

Our cocktail hour is going to be in a separate room from the reception. Is that a problem?

That’s no problem at all. We have additional sound systems for these types of settings.

How much choice do I have in the music selection?

As much as you’d like. Occasionally, some customers decide to select each song that’s played at their reception, which is perfectly fine by us, but it’s not necessary.

We’ll ask you to select as many specific songs and genres that you like to hear and we will inquire about your preferences. With this information, we’ll craft a custom-designed music menu for your reception.

Funny thing. I love music and listen to it all the time, but I never seem to know the names of songs or artists. How do I tell you what I like?

Its a very common predicament. You might be surprised to find out how many people are in the same musical boat. Once again, this is an area where a wedding coordinator comes in handy. In addition to being meticulous planner, Your VDJ is an accomplished tune detective.

Know a song title but not the singer? Just know some of the lyrics? Come on in and hum a few bars and we’ll help you figure out just what it is you’re looking for, and you can sample as many selections as you’d like on one of our sound systems. We’ll help you design a music format that perfectly reflects your taste.

My family is hispanic and my fiancé’s family are not. Can you provide various kinds of music?

We often perform at weddings where specific types of ethnic music are requested. We have music of every nation, tradition and background. If there are specific songs you’d like to hear that we don’t have, we’ll gladly get that music at no cost to you (as long as it’s still in print). Or, if you have the music, we can work with your collection.

There are songs that we definitely don’t want played at our wedding. How do we make certain that we won’t hear those wretched tunes?

We’ll strongly encourage you to give us a «don’t play» list of music, and we will absolutely abide by it. You won’t hear any unwelcome surprises at your reception.

Do you play guests’ requests?

That’s completely up to you. If it’s okay, we’ll play whatever your guests want to hear. If, however, you’d prefer that we not take requests, that’s also fine, we’ll just stick to what you’ve chosen.

How many songs will be played during our wedding?

The average song is about three to four minutes long, so you can figure that approximately twelve to fifteen songs can be played per hour.unless you want a complete remix of songs which could either extend the song or cut it short.

I’m concerned about the volume level. How do you effectively control it?

I’m very conscious of the fact that no one wants to listen to music at an uncomfortably high volume, and that people have different sensitivity levels. That’s why we’ll constantly monitor the sound intensity throughout the course of your reception. Our dynamic sound systems allow us to create an environment that’s conducive to both dancing and socializing.we also have the equipment to measure the DBs of the music playing trying to keep it at at least 70 DBs which compares to the noise of a Vacuum Cleaner for example.

Do you take breaks?

Nope. You’ll hear continuous music from beginning to end – an uninterrupted flow of seamlessly mixed music.

When should I speak with my VDJ?

Please contact us within two weeks prior to your Wedding/Event. At that point we’ll make arrangements to carefully plan the entire reception with you. If you’d prefer to meet with us earlier than that, however, We’d be happy to set that up. In fact, we’ll meet with you as often and as many times as you’d like before your wedding.

My Friend got a great voice and would like to sing at the reception. Is that possible?

You bet. We’ll have a microphone available for her/him and she/he can either sing an acappella or we can play a song in the background while she/he sings over it.

How much time does the VDJ need for setup time and also tear down?

We normally like to arrive to the place at least 1 or 2 hours early. If it’s a huge setup, then we may need up to 3 hrs or more.

How much gratuity is appropriate?

Please note that a gratuity is not included in your balance due. People generally tip their disc jockey 10% to 15% of the total payment.

Are we required to feed the VDJ?

That’s your choice. Customarily our clients do provide a meal for their VDJ./ Crew since we spend most of the day with you.

We’re still deciding between a band and a VDJ. Any advice?

Bands can certainly be great at weddings/events, but they do have a lot of limitations. Regardless of how talented a band is, it’s impossible for them to sound just like the original artists. Also, no matter how large their repertoire is, it’s still quite limited when you compare it to what we offer; we can play literally any song that you’d like to hear.

Another important difference between a band and us is that we don’t take breaks; the music will be continuous from beginning to end.

One more thing: We can easily control the volume from a single switch and keep it at an appropriate level at all times. It’s very difficult, however, for a live singer not to powerfully belt out a tune or a percussionist not to whack the drums so hard. but at the end we can always work with any band example they will play 40mins and we will play the remaining 20mins from that hour.






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