Jose Armando Brown born in La Habana Cuba, better known by his stage name «VDJ CUBISHE», is a Cuban Singer, Dancer, Producer and Entertainer with over 13 years of experience .Armando began his career studying music and contemporary dance at the age of seven. As he grew up he developed his career as a professional dancer while performing and touring with various Famous Artists such as Gloria Estefan, Celia Cruz,among many others. In  2000 he relocate to the U.S and it was in 2002  when  he had his first opportunity to work at La Mega 94.9 fm as an Announcer, he then relocate to Washington DC in 2003 while touring with Gala and La Luna Theaters, he then met Maria Elena President of Mega 92.7 fm Communications company for which he performed and worked for over  2 years. While in DC he played at various Night Clubs and Restaurants as a DJ and Master of Ceremony, in 2003 he founded JB Productions Company, which has been providing  event planning services to the DMV area and the East Coast of U.S.

VDJ Cubishe is a versatile, full of energy, and charismatic person that is well known for his ability to give the clients the «Surprise Factor» which is that key element that can make your event exceed the expectations of the guests and the party host itself, by going the extra mile to make sure that the client is  fully satisfied and happy with the event’s outcome. 
VDJ Cubishe is one of the pioneers in the DMV Video productions for DJs not only do we play your selected playlist but we also incorporate the Music Videos for each of the songs that are being played , making your event more enjoyable by  providing you and your guests the latest in technology and visual effects, from a «Happy Birthday» banner across the screens to personalized messages for your loved ones.

VDJ CUBISHE has provided award-winning services for more than 13 years,and strive to stay up-to-date with the latest music and equipment. VDJ Cubishe is the life of the party for over one hundred thousand people each year.

Being a DJ is more than selecting the right music for the right occasion; VDJ Cubishe performs a unique job that requires passion, the knack to entertain, plus feel the vibe of the crowd. VDJ Cubishe has to be versatile, intelligent, music savvy and hardworking in order to last in the industry. We offer you that, and 100% custom playlist from an enormous music selection and a variety of styles for every culture, plus the latest top-of-the-line equipment, and an impeccable image.






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